Review Remton 8382 tube phono stage in the Netherlands' main Hifi magazine (January 2017, in Dutch) Read review

Review Remton LCR MK2 tube phono stage in the Netherlands' main Hifi magazine hvt (Hifi Video Test) (April 2016, in Dutch):
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The Remton 383 MK2, Janine Elliot tries it in her system for Hifi Pig Magazine (April 2016):

A high level of three-dimensionality of sound was also observed, particularly in the depth of sound front-to-back. Everything was smooth, relaxed, unfettered. At no time did I find this phono-stage needy nor was it limited. Read review

Review Remton 383 MK2 tube phono stage in Puresound (January 2016):

The Remton 383Mk2 is an excellent phono preamp. We find it is one of the best in its class. Read review

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Review Remton LCR MK2 tube phono stage in The EAR - Hi-Fi Music Gear (July 2015):

The Remton lets the music flow into the room in such a natural way, it has an ease that is seldom disrupted, no matter what you throw at it. Classical, jazz, pop, male or female singers make no difference to the way you experience the rich and dynamic sound... Read review

Review Remton 383 MK2 tube phono stage in ΗΧΟΣ ΕΙΚΟΝΑ 495 (SOUND VISION) (May 2015, in Greek):
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Review Remton 383 MK2 tube phono stage in HiFiRace (May 2015, in Greek). Read review

Review Remton LCR tube phono stage in High Fidelity magazine (April 2015):

The reviewed system delivered rich, organic sound. That's what I noticed when listening to the first record, but it stayed in the back of my head also after many days of listening. Sound, timbre seems so rich as, in photography, after editing raw picture and adding some color and enhancing contrast. There is no exaggeration here – it is a small adjustment to make sound bit more lively than in reality and thus – more attractive to listen to. Many manufacturers do the same thing using different means. But the Czech phonostage does it in a particularly charming way. There is no significant coloration of lower midrange, no bass enhancement, and yet sound seems “big” and palpable. Read review

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Review Remton 383 tube phono stage in Mono & Stereo High-end audio magazine (March 2015):

I’ve enjoyed highly the testing and listening period with Remton 383 tube phono stage. Even first few note strikes entrapped my mind and evoke the curiosity.

Remton 383 tube phono stage is a matured product, that can "squeeze" an impressive amount of information from vinyl records via MM or high output MC cartridges. There is no abundance of these out there and this phono preamplifier opens up a world of analog replay with the best possible invitation.

Remton 383 is inviting, sublime and shows enough delicacy to full and trick even a seasoned listener regarding its price range. With analog replay we’re always talking about the flow, three dimensionality and sense of involvement. Here Remton little-big phono stage steps forward with grand pace.

This is a proud achievement and product of nurtured vision for analog medium by the guys who clearly loves what they do. As I said in the beginning it really moves me when people are taking their work and products seriously. This leads to creation of something meaningful. In the world where we’re flooded by the vulgar vastness of mediocre products, the bright shining stars are always welcomed.

Remton 383 tube phono stage is a creation of people passioned for vinyl and its reproduction. Remton brings tube phono stage to the 21st century with the absence of typical tube phono precognitions. It offer more then enough dynamic impact to let the music flow and encapsulate the potency of real analog revival. It might not the the last word in detail, resolution and impact. Yet, for this money it packs so many great attributes with so much musical enjoyment. It stand on its own with the projection of tone, timbre and drive cruciality.

All of you returning to analog, stepping up or just stepping into the analog realms, seasoned vinyl lover and audiophiles in the urge of something meaningful. Stop for a moment an glance toward this audio specific company from Czech Republic. Judging from Remton 383 they, not only know the technical side of operation, but can “voice” their product in all the right way.

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